Today's Date: Thursday 2nd December 2021

What we do

Inspire Outreach Support

‘inSpire’ is our area of outreach and support for our community. We understand that there are times in life when a little extra help makes all the difference to people. The inSpire project came about in 2016 when we began with offering, ‘Bags of Hope’, quite simply a bag with toiletries for women who found themselves with none of the basics, never mind the luxuries that help us day by day. These were distributed to those who needed them.

The project grew into offering a toiletries bank, an emergency food parcel and breakfast parcels for families who needed this help. Alongside our holiday lunch club, there was a uniform bank and then later in the year a winter jacket bank available for families.

The name is a play on the fact that the Cathedral never completed its spires on the towers but we hope that this help to families will offer some inspiration and hope.

How we help

Our project is now more specific to help families with our School Uniform Bank; Winter Jacket Bank; Toiletries Bank and our Summer Arts & Craft Club with Lunch, we are also a referring agency for the Highland Foodbank.

How to access help

If you find yourself in need of that little bit of extra help, then we are here to help, we keep the questions and form filling to a minimum and will endeavour to help you where we can or if we can’t help we will signpost you to someone who may be better placed to offer help. Please contact the Cathedral Office on 01463 225553 or email: . Also follow our Facebook posts for more information on School Uniform and Winter Jacket details.

School Uniform, Winter Jackets & Toiletries

We operate a School Uniform, Winter Jackets Bank and Toiletries Bank as part of our inSpires work at the Cathedral. We aim to provide a Winter Jacket for children aged 0-18 for families who are looking for this support; a School Uniform Pack for children aged 5-18 and toiletries to help out families with these expensive and sometimes luxury items. We work with Hey Girl to be able to provide Sanitary products and are provided with support from a number of Charities who provide us with Grant funding along with generous donations from the local community. We have received grants from MFR Cash 4 Kids, Faith in the Community Scotland, the McNab Trust and local Rotary Clubs in Inverness.

To make an enquiry about our various banks click here